50 Shades of Teal

The color teal has long been valued for its uniqueness, versatility and ability to impact powerful color combinations. Ancient Persians believed it could ward off evil. Egyptian cultures appreciated this deepened shade of turquoise as an emblem of trust and faithfulness. It reminded Tibetan monks of the enormity of the sea and the sky. For Native Americans, teal was connected to water and fertility, and this lovely, mysterious color offered hope for a prosperous future.

Teal is popular in the fashion world because, like most blues, it looks good on everyone. Even in nature, it is a part of the dress code for the very fashionable male peacock, especially when he is “strutting his stuff.” When added to brown or black, teal lightens the mood slightly and adds a layer of mystery or complexity. Whether worn as a single outfit or an accent, this color somehow adds a level of sophistication and richness to any look. On the other hand, fun-loving teal jeans are one of the popular fashion trends this year.

Jewel colors tell the color story of winter 2012 fashion trends. The focus is richness and depth of tone with sapphire, teal and aquamarine traversing the whole of the blue spectrum.


H&M Cable Knit Sweater. $14.95.| F21 Casual Shirt. $19.80.| F21 Bodycon skirt.$24.99.| F21 Gold Arm clamp. $8.80.| PayLess City sneakers in black. $16.99.


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